Capital One’s New MasterCard: “Better Because It’s Worse.”

The timing would suggest an April Fool’s Day joke, but apparently this blurb on the Rewards Canada Blog is legit. It’s about the Capital One® Aspire Travel™ World Elite MasterCard® (could that be any harder to type?)—specifically about how its rewards are about to get worse.

New sign-ups used to get a welcome gift of some 35,000 miles/points, and an additional 10,000 annually just for staying on. Now there’s only a one-time 10K bonus for signing up, with no annual bonus for new card holders.

A loyalty program getting worse is par for the course these days, but check out how Rewards Canada spins the news:

In my opinion though, this was a smart move by Capital One as it now puts them on a level playing field with their competition. Before they were above all their competitors with their sign up offering and to the unknowing consumer many were not aware of this.

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