Living the High Life on British Airways

BA Buzzers

Waiting to shower at LHR…

Last month I had the opportunity to sample BA’s premium economy and—as luck would have it—business class long haul product. The destination? Mauritius, a tiny island in the Indian ocean, east of Madagascar and south of the Seychelles. Return flights on BA were surprisingly reasonable, given the remote destination. Could this have been because of the necessary bus transfer between Heathrow and Gatwick? Yeah, probably. 🙄

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In Praise of the Hong Kong Tourist SIM

Discover HK SIM

It’s a matter of fact that since I’ve been a regular contributor to Howard Forums I’ve travelled to Hong Kong, Malaysia, the USA, Australia, Taipei and Mauritius. And as you’d probably guess, I’ve done my fair share of travelling before that. It’s my jam.

But I’m not here today to brag (honest!), only to reiterate that the best prepaid SIM I’ve ever had the pleasure of using in any foreign country is the Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card. Just pop it in your phone, reboot and you’re done.

If only the last two SIMs I had to use were as easy to set up as this…

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