Wait, This Isn’t Settling… Our Review of The Hotel Anteroom, Kyoto

The Hotel Anteroom wasn’t actually our first choice for a weekend stay in Kyoto, but it most certainly will be next time—and might well be yours, too. The large, modern room, made-to-order breakfasts and reasonable rates should put this fine property on anyone’s short list.


The Anteroom is located in a residential neighbourhood, south of the train station and almost directly in-between two stops on the Karasuma (green) subway line. You might see this as a minus, as indeed we did initially, but the quiet surroundings quickly won us over. It’s maybe a five-minute walk to either station, and on the way you might just be greeted—in English, no less—by some friendly kids on their way to or from school.

There are also a number of decent-looking restaurants in the area, though due to time contstraints we didn’t get to try any of them.


As we checked in and then proceeded down the long main corridor to our room the hotel’s concrete aesthetic was a bit overwhelming, and maybe the tiniest bit pretentious. But judgment quickly turned to joy as soon as we saw our lodgings.

We booked a garden view room on the first floor, comparatively enormous by Japanese hotel room standards. It was technically a twin room, but with two mattresses right up against each other on a raised platform the bed was more like a queen or king. On the opposite wall was a huge flat screen TV, housed behind an even bigger glass panel.

In the bathroom was another star attraction: a big, beautiful wooden tub. Filled with Kyoto’s sulphur-infused water it was basically a private onsen, a perfect place to soak after a day of exploring. Or anytime, really…


Our room rate included breakfast, which turned out to be a great value. It was initially a bit confusing—I misunderstood the person who sat us at our table and thought that we could order only one of the four items on the menu board; it turns out that you can order three. One of those items will almost surely be the tasty homemade granola and yogurt; another will likely be a homemade muffin. On top of those there will be a choice of two entrées, one of which will be a pita with a warm filling.

If that sounds like a lot of food it is, but you also have to factor in the salad and soup bar, plus the juice and coffee stations. The coffee is definitely on-point; I saw a European gentlemen serve and suck back no less than three espressos while hovering in front of the machine.

My girlfriend and I checked out of the Anteroom to spend our final night in Kyoto at their much more expensive sister property, the Kanra. The Kanra certainly lived up to its reputation but truth be told, we liked the Anteroom better!


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