Classy: Our Review of the Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz Oslo

This outstanding Thon property was the perfect way to wrap up our first trip to Norway. Having enduring four nights in a surprisingly busy hotel in the otherwise sleepy city of Bergen (see my previous review of the Scandic Ørnen), the Rosenkrantz was a welcome—and downright classy—relief.


The hotel is a short taxi ride from the train station; without heavy bags you could easily walk it. In fact, much of what you’ll want to see in Oslo’s Sentrum are within walking distance—including The Royal Palace, Oslo Opera House, Nobel Peace Center and more.

When it was time to catch our flight home our taxi driver had a neat shortcut to the train station and airport express train. Almost directly across from the hotel we pulled into an underground parking lot which connected to an underpass, then a highway, then the station. Good to know if you’re pressed for time.


We booked a superior room and upon arrival were assigned a corner unit on the eighth floor. It was really more like a room and a half, with an extra sitting area and big windows looking out onto the street. Though there were two bars on either side of the hotel—and a jazz festival during our stay—we couldn’t hear any of it when it came time to sleep.

The only minor complaint is that our room could have used a few more large surfaces, just so we wouldn’t have to keep our bags on the floor.

Also on the eighth floor was a lounge that served a complimentary hot supper buffet. It was a nice perk and the food seemed good enough; it just seems a bit sad to come all the way to Norway and not sample any of the local restaurants, expensive though they may be.


Breakfast is, of course, an entirely different story. I love a good hotel breakfast buffet and the Rosenkrantz Oslo is right up there. The organic coffee was perfect for me, and there’s a full-on coffee bar if you wanted something more fancy. Another way to wake up would be with one of the restaurant’s “energy shots”—little juices spiked with ginger and other healthy ingredients.

The food on offer was everything you could ask for—fresh breads, pastries, cereal, yogurt, fruit, salad, meats, eggs, fish… No omelette station was needed here; the staff behind the counter happily fried me up some eggs anyway I wanted them. Come to think of it, the staff was probably my favourite feature of the restaurant—doing everything they could to make sure you had enough food and a pleasant dining experience.

I would absolutely recommend the Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz to anyone visiting Oslo. In fact, my only regret of our Norwegian holiday was that I didn’t book a Thon property in Bergen as well.


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