Panic at the Breakfast Buffet: Our Review of Scandic Ørnen

Scandic Sign

I stayed at the Scandic Ørnen with my girlfriend this past summer. Though the property is modern and clean and the staff friendly enough, if we ever return to Bergen I don’t think we’d stay here again. It’s too far out of the way, and during our four-night stay in August was way too crowded.


Scandic Mall

Getting to the hotel is easy enough; the bus from the airport will let you off right across the street. Next to the bus stop is a mall that connects to the train station, so if you’re arriving by train—or departing on an early morning one—the Scandic Ørnen would be a sensible choice.

It’s a 10 to 15-minute leisurely walk to Sentrum and the harbour area, which gets progressively more annoying as you realize you’ll be spending most if not all of your time there. There are other hotels much closer to the things you’ll probably  want to see—Bryggen, the Fish Market, Fjord tours, etc.


Scandic Room

We paid a premium for a Superior Extra room, which was still pretty small. We asked for a view of the harbour and got a view of the mountain instead. The room had two large windows but only one of them opened, and only a inch or two at that—so despite cool temperatures during our time in Bergen our room was very stuffy. The front desk told us the room had air conditioning but adjusting the thermostat didn’t seem to make any difference.

Scandic Atrium

If you do book a stay here, make sure you ask for an outside view; otherwise your windows may end up facing the elevator doors.


Scandic Bread

I don’t know how else to say it, breakfast at this hotel was a train wreck.

For starters, the layout of the restaurant is terrible; the elevators spill out right into the middle of everything, so there are ongoing near-collisions between guests arriving for breakfast and other guests carrying full plates of food back to their tables. Management would do well to take a cold, hard look at traffic flow, or rather the complete lack thereof; there was a huddle of hungry and impatient diners at virtually every station, at all hours of the service. Why? We could only guess that people were in a rush to make their tour bus; whatever the case, it was honestly the most stressful hotel breakfast I’ve ever experienced. If you can get a rate without it, you’ll have a much better time at one of the coffee shops in the mall across the street.

If you’re booked on a bus tour I suppose you could do worse than the Scandic Ørnen; like I say, it’s a modern facility with staff who seem to be trying their best. But if you’re on your own schedule—and especially if you enjoy a good hotel breakfast—I wouldn’t recommend it.


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